Basic Ways to Detox Your Bedroom

Renovation is the common process that most homeowners often implement after living in their own house for such a long time. In fact, spend years living in one place which has become familiar will make you bore at times. As a result, individuals are tend to choose to buy a new house so that they can have more chances for experiencing the new world. However, why don’t think about renovate each room inside your space.

Renovating the house will cost you a great amount of money and time; therefore, try to implement at single area gradually. One of the best places for “detoxing” is the bathroom. This is the second place that costs money and time ranked behind after the kitchen. A usual bathroom will help to meet the needs of most individuals. In addition, to make it become state-of-the-art, it is better follow proper strategies.

Below are some tips for you to consider when renovating the bathroom

  1. Install a shower-head system

    – For various household appliances which made from metals such as iron, copper ormercury, people are more likely to absorb chlorine. As a result, it is not good for their health in future. Having your house equipped with a shower filter will reduce the risk of taking dull hair color or dry skin for women.

  1. Prevent chemical from the air-fresher

    – For bathrooms that have an air-cleaner, a research has shown that this type of machine releases a wide range of dangerous chemicals. For example, acetaldehyde and propylene glycol and others which can break the growth of hormones in your body. It is recommended that people should have one candle made from natural ingredients in their bathroom.

  1. Store away all the unnecessary stuffs

    – Members in the house especially women and young girls, often have their bathroom scattered with lots of make up or lotions. Why don’t store these accessories in a small box or drawers placed inside your bathroom? This not only makes the bathroom become tidier and fresher, but allows the fresh air to blow inside as well. Beside the boxes or counters, purchasing a small self to keep these things separately for homeowners to find.

  1. Brush your teeth with natural toothpaste 

    – In the market, conventional toothpaste often contains a large amount of triclosan – one common ingredient in most sanitizing products. One disadvantage of this ingredient is that it can enhance the irritation of respiratory system and digestion inside your body. In addition, store your toothbrush in places to keep it clean and dry for long-time using. Homeowners can create some small windows for their bathroom to let the fresh atmosphere blows in.

  1. Painting colors

    – One of the simplest ways for creating a new outlook is to give it new shades of color. Some homeowners often paint their bathroom with dark colors, this is not a great idea. Try to apply bright shades to extend the whole area as well as give it a fresh background. On the other hand, make use of different types of tiles. In the market, there are a wide range of tiles in terms of design, sizes and colors. Obviously, individuals can pick up one type which best suits each corner in the house.


After living for a long time, your house tend to become boring and older with various scratches and smugs. Just by applying some ways above, homeowners can “detox” their house immediately. It does not cost too much money as well as the time for renovating. It is recommended that individuals try to invest in their furniture to get the high-quality things for their ideal house.